The 20 passenger VIP Party Bus was born and registered as a Close Corporation in 2008. The original 32 passenger was converted into a Limousine Bus with the vision of creating a more luxurious and fun vehicle for Very Important Passengers to enjoy their journey and not only their destination.

The VIP Limo Party Bus has a customized sound system fitted with an exploding 141 DB of base creating a night club atmosphere that will keep each and every passenger on their feet dancing to the beat of their choice.

Six flat screens are available for showcasing memorable photographs or videos to friends, family or colleagues. Some corporate events take advantage of this by displaying their brands or presentations on mobile events.

The different lighting ranges from night club settings to dim romantic settings catering for the different types of events.

VIP Party Bus has successfully been operating in Johannesburg since 2008 and has moved to Cape Town in 2016. Based in Big Bay and partnered with surrounding restaurants and bars in the area, amazing combo packages are available that completes a full party transportation option combined with sit down  meal options at beach front venues.